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How to Invest in Exceptional Startups

1. Investor Profile

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2. Investor Quiz

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3. Due Diligence

Unlike other "crowdfunding platforms", Aidos does much of the heavy lifting for you in terms of selecting only the most exclusive startup opportunities available.  Our team is made up of investment professionals who had a successful track record of investing for the largest institutional clients.

For every investment deal, we provide you with the deal terms, company presentations, financial materials (if available), and commentary on the nature of the business opportunity.

4. Commit Capital

Once you have selected your startup investment, it is then a simple matter of choosing your investment amount, the payment method, and finally agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Sit Back & Wait

If the startup fundraising is successful (i.e., the startup reaches its minimum funding goal by the deadline), you will receive your security on closing.

If the startup fundraising is unsuccessful (i.e., the startup fails to reach its minimum funding by the deadline), we will refund your capital in full.


Startups raising capital

Sample Investment Opportunities

At Aidos, we work closely with Founders throughout the entire life-cycle from the initial investment, fundraising, and company building. We are sector-agnostic Activist Investors in early-stage companies and have deep investment expertise in screening and evaluating early-stage investments, providing a curated investment menu for our valued investors on the Aidos platform.


Fresh Indoor Air

Problem: Ambient (outdoor air pollution) in both cities and rural areas was estimated to cause 5 million premature deaths worldwide in 2018.  This figure is projected to double in the next two years if environmental and social-political policies remain the same.

Solution: FreshAir addresses the indoor problem by interfacing with air filtration systems that cleans indoor air for both particulate and gaseous contaminants.  FreshAir is a smart-enabled device that integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Edge: Aidos believes in the exceptional founding team of FreshAir and their product/market fit is quite compelling.


Sustainable Bottled Water

Problem: Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. There may now be around 5 trillion macro and microplastic pieces floating in the open ocean. Weighing up to 300,000 tonnes.

Solution: Hygge focuses on the bottled water issue and wants to change consumer behavior about reusing (instead of throwing away) water containers. By designing an attractive and reusable glass container, Hygge is making a concrete impact on pollution.

Edge: Aidos believes in the mission and vision of Hygge to make a very meaningful impact on the overall health of our planet.

Athena Motion

Autonomous Mobility

Problem: 30 million people in the U.S. have disabilities that make traveling outside the home difficult. Every year, $1.5 billion revenue is lost globally to disability-related airport inefficiencies.

Solution: Athena Motion is an autonomous mobility solution for people with disabilities accessing public spaces.  We convert manual wheelchairs to powered and autonomous wheelchairs.

Edge: We believe deeply in the inventor behind Athena Motion - he is a one of generation type of inventor.


Hear Underwater

Problem: Learning to swim is a slow process and in large part this is due to the inability of the coach or instructor to correct a swimmer's mistakes when underwater.

Solution: 10xEcho is an underwater radio that consists of two parts - a radio that the coach uses to correct the swimmer's mistakes, and a small audio disk receiver that the swimmer can put under their cap.

Edge: Aidos believes in the exceptional technical team of founders and believe 10xEcho is a first-to-market play.

Femme Network

Female Founder Network

Problem: Only 9% of U.S. venture-backed Founders in the past five years are female.  One of the principal causes is a lack of community within the venture capital female community.

Solution: Femme Network is a network founded Her designed for Her.  By providing a match-making service for exceptional Female Founders to connect, we believe we can build better companies.

Edge: Aidos believes in Diversity Investing as a superior approach to building exceptional companies and supports the amazing team.


529 College Plans Made Easy

Problem: The growing $300 billion 529 college-savings plan market is complicated and confusing, with hundreds of 529 state and independent plan providers.

Solution: CollegeVest is an entirely new kind of digital college-savings platform transforming the way 529 plans are offered and administered — for the benefit of parents and their precious children.

Edge: Aidos believes in the complementary background and life experience of the founding team and believes the timing is perfect.

Maya Health

Elderly Happiness Reinvented

Problem: With the Baby Boomer generation now entering retirement, the growing $400bn elderly care industry is missing a critical gap in cost-effective elderly mental health like meditation and yoga.

Solution: In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Health, meditation was founded to statistically reduced the likelihood of all known human diseases, including depression and Alzheimer's.

Edge: By bringing a first-to-market AI-driven meditation app dedicated to the unique needs of the elderly, Aidos believes Maya Health is a game-changer. in the elderly care services market.


Reduce Heating Bill and Carbon Emissions

Problem: The Gas Water Heater Market size is expected to exceed $9bn by 2024, but due to upcoming stringent government regulations regarding carbon emissions, there is a lack of smart heaters.

Solution: Heater.AI converts your existing water heater into a smart water heater which operates more efficiently and saves you up to 75% off your water heating bill, using machine learning algorithms to understand your unique hot water usage.

Edge: Aidos believes in the exceptional team behind Heater.AI.  With years of experience in machine learning researcher and product design, we believe Heater.AI has a true competitive edge.


Fundraising for Nonprofits

Problem: Fundraising for nonprofits is still in the dark ages, with most nonprofits lacking modern-day technology to streamline the donation process and donater relationship management.

Solution: Built by veteran nonprofiteers, the elegant and simple SaaS-based solution includes a Donor CRM, Donation Management, Events & Ticketing, and an inbound marketing system - think HubSpot for Nonprofits.

Edge: By simplifying the fundraising process for nonprofits and providing a holistic all-in-one SaaS solution, FunderX for the rapidly growing nonprofit sector.


Banking for the Underbanked

Problem: According to a recent McKinsey report, almost 3 billion of the world's adults don't use banks or microfinance institutions to save or borrow money.  This represents a potential USD 3 billion market.

Solution: By catering to the underbanked population, Moneasy provides a fintech solution that allows anyone with current employment (no matter their salary) access to a digital bank account in minutes, with no credit checks or proof of address required. 

Edge: Aidos believes Moneasy is addressing an important, unaddressed social issue within the fintech space, and is delighted that is this a rapidly growing market opportunity.


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