How it Works Series | Part 3 of 3: How to Start a Capital Raising Campaign?

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The Final Part of "How It Works" — a 3-Part Series outlining Aidos' equity crowd-investing platform, which is solving a major pain point for many exceptional Founders: How can I raise capital in a more painless and time-efficient manner so I get back to building my business?

We know raising capital is hard in any environment, let alone during an economic crisis, and we at Aidos are here to help all exceptional Founders grow and accelerate their companies to the next level through a successful fundraise.

Here is the 6-Step Process for Founders to apply for Capital Raising Campaign on Aidos.

1️⃣ Prepare Materials Congrats, you are about to embark on the journey of raising capital through equity crowdfunding.

First, you need to prepare your Form C with assistance from a professional legal counsel. Second, ensure your financial statements (at least 2 years) are GAAP compliant. Finally, please have a third-party CPA audit your GAAP compliant financial statements

2️⃣ Submit on Atlas

Once you have your materials ready, head on over to Atlas - our common submission for all startups seeking to raise capital on the Aidos platform.

3️⃣ Wait for Approval Our team will review your materials and get back to you. Although we want to accept all qualified startups, due to the overwhelming interest, only a select few will receive approval.

4️⃣ Sign Legal Docs

Congrats, you're in rare company with the select startups that received approval. Our team will now work with you to prepare the legal materials including the subscription documents outlining the terms of the campaign contract. Now is a good time to read up on our Modified SAFE. Note that ​the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) limits companies to raising $1,070,000 through Title III Equity Crowdfunding over a rolling 12 month period.

5️⃣ Start Campaign With the legal docs for your campaign signed, this is the time to finalize your marketing materials (including any media like a promotional video) for your campaign. At Aidos, we have an exceptional growth marketing team that can also support you with promoting your campaign online through various advertising channels including social media networks.

6️⃣ Sit Back & Wait

Most campaigns will last 30 to 60 days so take this time to focus on growing your company. As equity crowdfunding is often a complementary source of capital, we often see startups use this opportunity to continue fundraising capital from other investors like angels or family offices. Note that Aidos also offers Advisory Services to help you develop an overall capital raising strategy.

If you're Founder seeking to raise capital and would be interested in learning more about how Aidos can help, please reach out to our team here. 🚀

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