Coronavirus Business Survival Kit

Dear Venture Capital community:

In order to support our ecosystem during these tough times, Aidos is sharing the Coronavirus Business Survival Kit.

We know you are probably already inundated with Coronavirus/COVID-19 news (and misinformation), and the last thing you need is another news source.

The Coronavirus Business Survival Kit is three simple guides/tools that will be crucial for you to read/monitor as you're navigating your company through this pandemic.

1️⃣ Sequoia Capital's Coronavirus guidance to Founders and CEOs here.

2️⃣ John Hopkins University Coronavirus Live Tracker* hosted by Aidos here.

3️⃣ Guide to remaining Calm and Collected through Mindfulness here.

🙋 If you enjoy this Business Survival Kit and want to support Aidos so we can continue producing and sharing content free of charge to you, please make a small donation here.

Hoping everyone and their loved ones stay healthy through this pandemic. 🙏

Kind regards,

Andrew Vo,

Founder and CEO of Aidos

*Coronavirus Live Tracker is the most accurate data that I know of from the world-renowned medical institution that is John Hopkins University, Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSEE). Be careful of other trackers using ambiguous sources which may provide you with misleading information. Learn more about the data source here.



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