Change is Gonna Come

We are honored to be sharing our new campaign entitled "Change is Gonna Come."

What type of change?

⏱️ First, let's take a step back in time to 1920.

Amid overwhelming public pressure, President Woodrow Wilson finally had the catalyst to oppose the Southern States, endorsing women's right to vote, leading to the passage of the 19th Amendment.

⏱️ Moving forward 13 years to 1933, a popular German orator forms the Third Reich, with an underlying mission to "eradicate the Jewish people," leading to War World II in 1939.

⏱️ Traveling just another 6 years later in 1945, the World War is over, with the Atomic bombings of Japan as the nail in the coffin. America, fresh off its world victory, enters a period of staggering wealth creation, and with it, the Baby Boomer Generation flourishes.

⏱️ Fast forward 75 years to 2020, and although America has seen the passage of Women Suffrage, we are a country as divided as ever. Divided among Gender, Racial, and Lifestyle Choices.

"Change is Gonna Come" (a nod to Sam Cooke's seminal song) will outline some of the inequalities that exist in America, particularly in the areas of business & finance.

☮️ Stay tuned - much more to come. 🚀

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