Aidos Founder Feature | May 2020

In 1934, an African American pastor from Georgia made the trip of a lifetime.

He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean Sea to the Holy Land.

After this pilgrimage, he traveled to Berlin where he learned about the 16th-century German theologian and reformer Martin Luther.

So enamored by Martin Luther's legacy, this pastor paid the ultimate tribute by changing his own name to Martin Luther King.

Returning from his spiritual voyage, he also changed his 5-year old son's name and became known to the world as Martin Luther King Jr.

Source: Getty Images; Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy (hidden behind King) at the Berlin Wall (Bernauer Straße at Schwedter Straße) on September 13, 1964, while Werner Steltzer, the director of the Berlin Information Center, indicates points of interest. Dr. King had been invited to the German capital by Berlin mayor Willy Brandt.

Fast forward 86 years to the present and we see Martin Luther King Jr's dream of a divided America still broken as ever amidst the suffering of George Floyd.

. . .

It is with that, and in lieu of Aidos monthly Founder Feature where we highlight exceptional Founders irrespective of their race and gender we dedicate this month's tribute to George Floyd.

May you rest in peace George - your legacy will be a guiding light for the mission at Aidos to bring Social Equality to the inequitable world of Venture Capital.

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About Aidos Founder Feature

Aidos Founder Feature highlights exceptional Founders and Entrepreneurs in the Venture Capital ecosystem. While not exclusively focused on gender and race, our Featured Founders in the past have historically been diverse in gender and race, having overcome many societal headwinds to achieve great accomplishments in entrepreneurship.

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