Aidos Founder Feature | March 2020

Aidos shares our Founder Feature for March, our monthly series highlighting the most exceptional individuals making a real impact on society and the world.

Aidos is honored to be awarding our March Founder Feature to Perrin Quarshie.

Source: RealBlocks; Perrin Quarshie, Founder and CEO of RealBlocks.

Perrin Quarshie began his career in real estate as a civil engineer at NAC International, where he focused on the development and finance of energy infrastructure projects. Following NAC, Perrin completed graduate studies at MIT, during which time he conducted research on the implications of Blockchain Technology for capital markets. Perrin next worked at Barclays as an associate in Real Estate Investment Banking, where he conducted M&A Transactions for various REIT and private equity sponsors. In 2017, Perrin founded RealBlocks, a blockchain-powered platform that provides access and liquidity for alternative investments. Realblocks democratizes access by lowering the required minimum investment amount, providing international access, and allowing for investor liquidity via secondary trading. Perrin is an active member of the financial tech community and acts as a mentor for other founders that are a part of the Techstars ecosystem, offering them advice and guidance throughout the process of leading a startup. Perrin is also a volunteer at Year-Up where he focuses on mentoring students from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them to learn about the benefits of careers in technology. Perrin is an exceptional Founder who is disrupting the legacy real estate investment industry, an industry that has been dominated predominantly by Caucasian decision-makers.

We are honored that Perrin is making bold moves in the real estate industry to affect change in Diversity and Inclusion by his continued success in entrepreneurship.

Keep rocking it, Rockstar Perrin Quarshie.

Source: Rise New York; RealBlocks Office in New York City.

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