Aidos Founder Feature | January 2020

Updated: Feb 14

Introducing Aidos’ monthly Founder Feature where we highlight exceptional Founders from diverse backgrounds.

Meet Marina Vernicos.

Born in Athens, Greece, Marina studied photography at Emerson College and Harvard in Boston. Among Marina’s many accolades as a photographer, environmentalist, and a serial entrepreneur, her work has been showcased at distinguished galleries and museums globally.

Marina’s work has been featured at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Greece, Musée du Louvre in Paris, Hangaram Art Museum in Korea, Katara Cultural Center in Doha, and numerous art exhibitions in London, Rome, Monaco, and New York.

Marina has published four books and is the Founder and President of CREAID (, a non-profit organization with a humanitarian mandate. Marina's photography has significantly improved awareness of climate change.

Marina Vernicos is the type of exceptional Founder that Aidos seeks to provide capital so that she can continue to turn her brilliant ideas into disruptive realities that have a major environmental impact.

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