Aidos Founder Feature | February 2020

Aidos releases our much-anticipated Founder Feature, our monthly series highlighting the most exceptional individuals making a real impact on society and the world.

Without further ado, Aidos is honored to be awarding out February Founder Feature to Kristine Kotte.

Born in Norway, Kristine is a visionary feminist activist and is deeply passionate about gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Kristina has been involved in women’s networks for entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors, and involved in projects to get more girls into tech. Kristine believes in creating harmony and balance in a world where men have most leadership positions, get most of the venture capital in startups, and develop most of our technology.

When Kristine is not rocking it at improving social equality, she spends her day working as a Diversity and Inclusion Manager at CERN, an international research institute headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN houses mankind's largest "particle accelerator" and is a global convergence point where the greatest minds in physics, mathematics, and computer science collide to probe the nature of reality at the microscopic scale.

Kristine Kotte is the type of exceptional individual that Aidos believes will make exceptional Founders as they believe in a mission beyond themselves, a mission that impacts society and in the case of Kristine, a mission to improve social equality for humanity.

Keep shining brightly, Superstar Kristine Kotte.

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