Aidos Founder Feature | April 2020

Updated: Apr 25

Aidos is delighted to award our Founder Feature for April to Trang Nguyen!

Our Founder Feature is a monthly series highlighting the most exceptional Founders making a concrete impact on society through their entrepreneurial ventures and businesses.

Source: Trusted Insight; Trang Nguyen, Co-Founder of TI Platform Management.

About Trang

Trang Nguyen is an executive member of Trusted Insight Inc. as well as the Co-Founder of TI Platform Management and its affiliates. She has years of investment, finance, and marketing experience at various tech and financial services organizations and startups. Some of the firms that she has worked at are Merrill Lynch, Visa, Bank of New York, and Sutter Health.

Trang originally immigrated from Vietnam to the U.S. when she was a teenager and has lived by herself since then. Growing up in Vietnam gave her an entrepreneurial mindset due to the lack of opportunities. Entrepreneurship was always attractive to her because she always feels like an outsider in the mainstream.

Source: Shutterstock, Aidos Inc.; Village of Can Tho, a city in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

In fact, Vietnam has a large percentage of women-owned businesses: thirty-one percent of businesses in the country are owned by women. Challenges often times can create opportunities and growth and she believes being an outsider has worked advantageously in many cases. Trang is passionate about building companies and working with smart and innovative entrepreneurs and operators.

About Trusted Insight

Trang originally joined Trusted Insight, a startup funded by Founders Fund and Stanford University's Endowment to help build a world machine-learning platform for the largest network of institutional investors. The platform originally curated investments for limited partners (LPs), incubates software, has about 40,000 LPs and corporations, and is a growing global community of institutional investors.

TI Platform’s model and approach have allowed Trang to spend quality time with proven and veteran entrepreneurs to strategize and help set up their studios. She works with younger entrepreneurs that are scaling companies and helps them fundraise with corporations or strategic pools of capital. She has also spent time with the engineers building the global community and products for LPs and corporations on Trusted Insight.

Congrats again, Trang Nguyen, for being an exceptional Entrepreneur and Founder!

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